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    Recruiting Staff
    Hello, We are recruiting helpers on the server to help players with the experience. We are looking for players that are fairly active that have good general MC knowledge and an added benefit is having possible plugin knowledge. People who are familiar with the chat and spend some time engaged in chat and the community. Helper is the first rank in our graduated staff system. All staff will begin as a helper, If your able to fill a higher roll then the role of a helper will be no problem. Discord and access to a mic is required, Must be at least 14 and are able to put in a minimum of 5 hours a week (Obvious exceptions are made, We all have real lives)

    How to apply
    Create a new forum post using the form below as a template.

    Minecraft IGN:
    Age: (Atleast 14)
    Hours per week possible: (Atleast 5)
    Discord?: (Required, Answer Yes or...)

    What can you provide:
    Plugin knowledge:
    What you are looking for out of this experience:

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